Israeli-Palestinian conflict, having various dimensions such as religious, ethnic, cultural, economic and strategic, constitutes one of the main discussion fields in international relations. The peace process which was started in the 1990s by Madrid and Oslo meetings in order to bring about a compromise for the solution of Israeli-Palestinian conflict could not give a concrete result.

Having various essential issues to be solved, the negotiators of the peace process had to solve a vital topic for peace, that was the issue of settlements. The settlements established by the Israeli government by inhabiting Jewish population in the occupied Palestinian territories constitute a major problem of discussion in Israeli-Palestinian conflict. While Palestinians suffer from settlements in cultural, social and economic terms, Jewish migration to new settlements is encouraged by the Israeli government.

The issue of settlements, recognized illegal by the international society, would be either a key or an obstacle for reaching a conclusion in Israeli-Palestinian accords. The book “Settlements on the Stolen Lands” published by IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation firstly asks questions about the settlers’ perception of Palestine and Palestinians, and then carries out the settlement issue to the agenda within the context of the peace process.

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