Suicide attacks, also known as ‘human bombs’, ‘suicide bombings’ and ‘suicide terrorism’ interchangeably, have become an international endemic, especially within the Middle East with terrorist groups such as the PKK and ISIL using it as a means to try to fulfill their political goals being to set up an autonomous state. Suicide bombing attacks first coming to the forefront in the early 1980’s with Hezbollah and then reaching a ‘professional level’ with the Tamil Tigers (LTTE) has been on the increase recently. One country being a part of this painful process is Turkey. Within the last five months, three suicide attacks had taken place, one in Ankara and two in Istanbul with the latest attack being in Taksim (Milliyet Newspaper, 19 Mar. 2016). This paper hypothesizes that in order to pacify suicide terrorist attacks, root causes need to be analyzed first rather than applying a general concept of security, especially with means of ‘entrusting the streets to police officers’ (Haberturk Newspaper, 09 Mar. 2016). A long-term strategy is needed internationally, rather than just tweaking and changing security procedures.

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