This paper aims to present a brief historical incursion of the Moro Peace Process, a milestone which finalized one of the longest conflicts in the world and specifically to put the Turkish civilian contribution for its accomplishment under the humanitarian diplomacy concept. This article consists of three parts: Firstly it will try to provide an exclusive analysis of the humanitarian diplomacy (HD) concept and Turkish NGO approach in the perspective of Humanitarian Relief Organization (IHH). Secondly, it will summarize the short historical flow of the Moro Peace Process to put in context. Lastly, it will explain the IHH’s peace monitoring role and practices as part of the Third Party Monitoring Team (TPMT).
The research is based, along with official peace documents, on partly the author’s experiences as an IHH board member and interviews conducted with two senior officials of IHH, Mr. Huseyin Oruç, and İzzet Şahin, both have been involved either in the formulation or in the conduct of IHH’s mediation practices.

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